How to Clean Swimming Pool Liners

Despite proper chemical usage, swimming pool liners can still end up with stains from time to time. Quite often, it is leaves from your beloved shade tree that contribute to these blemishes so when you spot them sticking to your liner, be sure to remove the immediately; waiting until you vacuum tomorrow will likely be too late.

Choosing the Right Cleaner

Even the toughest stains on swimming pool liners can be cleaned by using the right product. When you visit your local pool supply store, you can ask them to direct you to a quality cleaner. If you are shopping online, simply choose a mild cleanser, this will create the minimum amount of suds and won’t bleach the liner.

You also want to avoid products with conditioners because they often leave an oily residue which affects the water. Active ingredients to look for in a cleaner include phosphoric acid and ethylene glycol monobutyl.

Cleaning Organic Stains

Organic stains are typically greenish in color, often with algae present; those caused by leaves are included in this category. Organic stains can be addressed with a quality cleanser and a hard scrub brush. It is very important that you be familiar with the type of liner that you have, some varieties do not appreciate a hard brush, and others won’t be affected by it. There are also certain chemicals you can add to the water that will deep clean swimming pool liners by releasing specific enzymes. Depending on the stain though, these chemicals will not always get rid of it completely.

What About Rust Stains?

No one likes to notice rust stains on their liner but hopefully if you do, you catch them early on. These reddish-brown stains are not fun to deal with. The most common causes of these types of stains are metals that contain iron, manganese and copper.

Rust stains typically need to be addressed with chemicals that are specifically created to remove metals from the water. Understand that your pH balance can be thrown off when using these products to remove rust stains from swimming pool liners.

Dealing with a Cloudy Pool

There are specific supplies you can use to help get rid of a cloudy pool which may be the result of recently cleaning your liner.

Vacuum – You can suck dirt out of the water, sending it to your filter to be cleaned and then added back to the pool.

Shock – Sometimes the only way to get your pool back to normal is to shock it. This involves a mass amount of chlorine and the process often take a few days to work so don’t plan on doing any swimming for a while.

Backwash – You will backwash three times after you have operated the filter for a full 24 hours. This will purge floating fragments that could be keeping your filter from doing its job properly.

When all else fails, testing kits are available. These allow you to test the temperature as well as the chemical balance in your pool so you can then make the necessary adjustments that you need to resolve the cloudiness


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