Foam Mattress – Replace a Spring Bed?

I had a great night’s sleep on my new reflex foam mattress. I replaced my spring bed with the foam, and it made such a difference! First of all, I don’t have any aches or pains. This morning was the first morning I woke up and literally jumped out of bed. I felt like moving and felt so rested. Since I move around so much when I sleep, the foam is silent and it didn’t wake me up. This foam bed isn’t just a plain block of foam, but it has a comfy quality of damask quilted on with an extra layer of felt. That gave me the support and comfort I needed for that good night’s rest.


This is so much better than springs because springs don’t last forever. They can only take a certain amount of beating. When I watch my nephews, they love to jump up and down on the bed. Not too many spring beds can take that kind of punishment. This foam has a memory and after the jumping, it goes back to normal. My high quality reflex foam even has a ten year life span.

Even with all these super benefits, the foam mattress is cheaper and maintains the same support and quality that I need. We all know how hard it is to flip a mattress, but the newer foam mattresses only need to be rotated. That’s a lot easier on the back! How many times do you see a spring based mattress sitting out on a curb for pickup? I’d say too many times. But I’ve never seen a foam mattress out there. It’s because they’re too good to throw out.


This reflex foam comes in various depths, and it is standard, being used in almost all mattresses. Not only does it let you sleep better, but it’s healthier, too. This foam keeps out dust mites, pollen, air particles or anything else that can give you problems with your allergies or asthma. This works only if the foam is in a full block form, not in the open-coil spring mattress. Keep that in mind when you go out and buy your own reflex foam mattress. It’s very important.

This foam mattress is so comfortable, I can go on and on. However, it doesn’t have the temperature sensitive benefits of the best memory foam mattresses.


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